How to Identify your target audience

How to Identify your target audience

Whether you are selling a product, providing a service or sharing a blog, you should be focused on a target audience. Understanding the people you are writing for, marketing toward and trying to attract will help you focus your goals and grow your brand.

First, start by asking these questions:

1. What product are you selling or what service are you providing?
2. Is what you’re doing solving a problem?
3. If so, who has these problems?
4. What makes you or your company unique?
5. Who wants or needs the products or services you are selling?

Next, research.

Describe the people that need your services:
What do they do? Where do they live? How do they access information? What do they spend their money on? How do they spend their free time?
Define them in as many ways as possible. The more information you have about your audience, the more you can pinpoint exactly who needs or wants your service.

Research the market.
Who else is doing what you are doing? Who is your most direct competition? Who is already buying their products or services? Break down the demographics: Men, women, teenagers, elderly, business owners, unemployed, single parents, teachers etc.

We live in a world that can be fully customized. We can seek out our favorite music, TV shows, clothing and restaurants simply by accessing the internet or word of mouth. We can cut out the middle man. Whatever you are offering to your target audience must filter through all of the road blocks people create to avoid spam and advertising.

The best way to make sure a consumer searches for you or spends time researching you – is to make sure they want or need what you are offering. As a business owner, it is a waste of valuable time to attempt to sell pink garland to a boxing gym, or trying to get busy CEO’s to read lengthy articles about the difference between a paperclip and a binder clip. If you are trying to access unemployed single mothers, a late night cable TV ad probably won’t be effective. In order to target your marketing, your content, your blogs, and your branding, you must know who you are trying to reach.

The better you know your audience, the more effective your marketing efforts will be.

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