Trip Planner Calendar, Organizer, and Packing Printables

Trip Planner Kit Printable

Trip Planner Calendar, Organizer, and Packing Printables

Trip planning can be equally as exciting as it is overwhelming. Over the years, I’ve settled into a few routines that help keep me organized and motivated when it comes to keeping information, attractions, and reservations in one place. We’ve teamed up with The Wander Theory to design a few trip planner essentials to help you do the same!

When I plan a trip, I always start with a calendar that gives me an overview of the days or weeks I will be away, as well as a few days prior to leaving. The days leading up to a trip can be just as busy as the trip itself. An all-in-one calendar can really help to keep your schedule balanced while also allowing for easy planning. You can block out travel days, block out hotel reservations, and see exactly how many days will be spent in each location.

I also like to keep all of my reservations, trip details, and notes in one place for easy referencing and edits. While there are a few apps that offer this same functionality, I still love the idea of pen on paper. Not to mention, sometimes you don’t have access to your phone. Long flights, dead batteries, and cell phone free areas such as customs and immigration lines can leave you flipping through guide books and reservation sheets looking for an address or phone number. Stay organized and inspired with these minimal and elegant trip planning essentials.

This trip planning kit allows you to select an at-a-glance calendar for a range of trip lengths, anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks. We’ve also designed a simple packing list and a general organizer.

What other travel planning essentials would you like to see?


Trip Planning Packing List

★ Trip Planning Organizer

Trip Planning Calendar – 1 Week

Trip Planning Calendar – 2 Weeks

Trip Planning Calendar – 3 Weeks

Trip Planning Calendar – 4 Weeks

Trip Planning Calendar – 5 Weeks

Trip Planning Calendar – 6 Weeks

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